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University of Medical Sciences  UCIMED

University of Medical Sciences UCIMED

University of Medical Sciences  UCIMED


At a time when it is affirmed that the new generations are opting for lifestyles without major complications, where the fast, the easy and the simple become selection criteria for making their decisions, it becomes even more relevant to highlight those who resist trends and, on the contrary, increasingly opt for quality, seriousness, for consolidated academic bodies, or for seeking prestige and a solid infrastructure, in the selection of their university.

At the University of Medical Sciences, UCIMED, we have not only fought for the quality and excellence of our students, but we have made these values ​​a lifestyle and we have them incorporated into our DNA. As its rector, there is nothing that pleases me more than having the national recognition of the authorities, the medical community, health professionals, parents, students, and graduates.

This recognition is not only at the national level, it goes much further and is confirmed by the growing number of students from different parts of the region who join our university community, the international organizations with which we sign agreements, or, with the companies that hire our graduates.

There are three factors that, in this search for excellence, we try to promote among our students: willingness to learn, interest, and commitment. We believe that regardless of the circumstances if you have these characteristics, it will be much easier to advance in the fulfillment of the goals that we propose.

It is clear that everyone can get or deliver diplomas (with more or less effort) but one of the most valuable characteristics is related to the values ​​of quality and excellence. That is what makes us different at UCIMED and what allows our students to reflect and make a difference in their role in society and on their professional path. This is what makes them and makes us: "keep breaking all limits."


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